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I went to the melting pit tonight as a nice surprise for my daughter before school starts and I can promise it will be my last time going here. We have been a fan of this establishment for aometime but it seems that during the last year or so it has been going down hill big time.

We had a 6:45 reservation which we were 10 min early for. We didnt get seated until after 7. Our server Hannah rushed us into ordering everything all at once, brought us our drinks and left us sittibg there for 25 min without returning. Whwn she finally did arrive she haphazzardly tossed the ingredients into the fondue pan spilling it over the sides, stirred it for about 30 seconds and left. The cheese wasnt even smooth or melted. After 40 mins we finally asked another server to find hannah because she never checked on us once. Some other woman brought out our cooking broth and informed us hannah will be right over... 15 min passed before she came to the table with the protien section of our entree. It was only when she asked if there was anything else that we needed and I pointed out that she didn't bring the veggies that went went the meal did she even notice. With an eye roll I might add and a lame excuse that there weren't any prepped. Another 10 min went by before we got the veggies.

While sitting there we witnessed other patrons getting the service they were paying for because lets be honest this place isn't exactly cheap. Not once were we offered a refill on our drinks or asked how things were by Hannah. When we asked for more napkins because my daughter spilled it took 10 min to get them!

By the time we had dessert we were both annoyed and just wanted to leave. At this point the manager was making rounds as I was going over the check and I noticed that we were being charged for alcholic drinks that we didnt even order!!We got most of the dessert to go. It took an additional 10 min for her to process the check after it was corrected. This was a horrible experience. Honestly spend yoyr money somewhere that you get treated well and in a timely manner. This lesson cost me over $100 once the tip was added in. Don't make the same costly mistake.

I've included the receipts (hiding my informayion for security purposes)to show how long it took to actually put it through. Honestly it has never taken longer than 1 1/2 hours to eat here and tonight it took over 2 which is completly uncalled for because it was an effect of poor service.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Providence, Utah, United States #1269677

I wouldn't have tipped her and I would have asked for the manager after about 30 minutes of her nonsense.

Groton, Connecticut, United States #1269527

Why 100 bucks PLUS TIP? Why a tip?

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